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About the 10-month Training Class

We welcome your inquiries about our next training and certification course. We are starting our next class on January 21, 2015.

There has been a change, this year. Our classes used to be held in our little inconvenient space in the classroom at the Bioenergy Balancing Center, but now we have found a much more spacious place, with more comfortable conveniences and easier parking. We will now be meeting at 2335 El Camino Real, at the corner of California and El Camino, above the Bay Area Cancer Connections. They have made us very welcome, and we are excited to make this shift, and move ahead into a larger arena for our classes in the future.

People have already started to sign up, and the new brochures are ready. You can ask for a brochure to be sent to you, or you can pick it up at any Bioenergy Balancing Center where you happen to be. You can also pick up a packet containing your application form, with the class description and information, and the complete calendar of the coming year's schedule.

The training has been structured as five Units of 8 weeks, meeting every Wednesday evening from 7 to about 10, or sometimes 11. At the end of each Unit there is a break of one week, and then we start the next Unit. It goes from the middle of January until the week before Thanksgiving, in November.

Class Descriptions

Unit 1: Introduction: Concepts of bioenergy, muscle testing, matching meridians with related muscles, tendon and bone structures, bone alignment, nerve conduction to the muscle fibers.

Unit 2: Digestive issues: vibrational "conversations" with stomach, pancreas, liver, small and large intestines, parasite testing and what to suggest. This unit also covers allergies, how to identify and release them, and what biochemical effects they have on various amino acid cascades.

Unit 3: Fluids of the body, lymph, blood, red cells, white cells, and the transfer of fluid to the lymphatic system, how natural immunity works, autoimmune issues, and the impact of vaccination, radiation, and genetically modified foods.

Unit 4: Nervous system, nerve conduction and the role of electrolytes, brain structures and function, how to identify and derive neurotransmiters, and work with neurological health challenges.

Unit 5: Individual characteristics and interactions of the amino acids, B-vitamins, oil soluble vitamins, and how to coordinate this information within various systems. In essence it is a review of the biochemical and bioenergetic connections that have been covered throughout the year.

The course has been designed for those who want to learn Bioenergy Balancing, seeking to become certified professional Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner. It is also very useful for those who wish to work with the health of family and friends in a non-professional situation. Another possibility is for people who already have a professional practice doing something related, and choose to integrate it into their work, without necessrily putting a Balancing Center practice together as an independent business.

The presentation in the classes is concentrated, and it moves quickly. This training is being team-taught by a group of very gifted and experienced certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioners, Antonia VanBecker and Greg Lee, Heather Rizzolli, JudyAnn, Olvier Krevet, Valerie Lathrop, and Steve and MaryAnn Orsary, for Units 1 through 5, respectively.

Priscilla Kapel and Heather Rizzoli will be doing the 10 sessons of Intuition Training through the year, on Sundays. We start at 10 AM to 12:00, have lunch together, and then we go from 1:15 until 3:00, or later if people want to stay a little longer.This is correlated with the class material, presented as intuitively shared visualization experiences. There will be various exercises that are likely to enhance effective and respectful client connections, along with ways to explore and resolve inner emotional processes, and most of all, to enhance your metaphysical skills.

This year we are not offering a long distance thread, parallel to the Palo Alto thread of the training and certification course, but we are experimenting with the possibility of Skype as a connection with out of town people.

Prerequisite for the class: Each student must have experienced at least one Bioenergy Balancing session.


Video on Mycoplasma (excerpt from Unit 2, Class 14: Parasites)


What You'll Receive

•  Comprehensive training in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, energy work (meridians and chakras) and applied kinesiology (muscle testing).

•  Two volume textbook, written by Priscilla Kapel, comprising more than 30 years of clinical research and practical application, recently updated.

•  Multi-media instruction (lecture, audio recordings, textbook, visual charts, hands-on training and guided meditations).

•  Training and enhancement of your intuitive abilities.

•  Coaching and demonstration of counseling techniques to assist you with skills to work with clients as they undergo emotional growth, spiritual awareness, release of past traumas, past life situations, and how to change limiting beliefs and unspoken agreements that may be having a profound---but unexpected---impact on their relationships.

•  Coaching and hands-on instruction from some of the most gifted Bioenergy Balancing practitioners in the area.


Bioenergy Balancing Center Class

What You Will be Able to Learn

•  How to converse effectively with the body-consciousness, and work with clients powerfully and compassionately.

•  How to release allergies with the appropriate emotional, vibrational, and nutritional resolution.

•  How to identify and initiate biochemical correction of metabolic errors.

•  How to recommend appropriate food selection and resolve digestive difficulties.

•  How to address structural problems related to the misalignment of joints due to hyperflexible tendons, uneven muscle tension, or unexpected variations in the meridian flow.

•  How to address conventional medical, chiropractic, acupuncture and psychotherapy in a way that honors these modalities as collaborative with your intention to generate self-healing.

•  How to increase your perception of the interaction between the physical and the non-physical.

•  How to assist the body in recovering from significant physical and emotional trauma such as surgery, accidents, toxic exposures, or abuse.

•  How to either set up a successful Bioenergy Balancing practice, or weave this information into your existing practice.


Bioenergy Balancing Center Class

Class Schedule

•  As described above, the 10 month course runs from mid-January to mid-November.   The material is presented in five units, with a one week break between units.

•  Each unit consists of 10 classes:

•  8 lecture / lab sessions (Wednesday evenings from 7 - 10:00 p.m.)

•  2 intuition development sessions (Sunday from 10 - 3:00 p.m.)

As the class progresses and you become proficient in Bioenergy Balancing, perhaps opportunities to apprentice as a co-practitioner may be available at the Balancing Center in Palo Alto, with Priscilla. We recommend that students practice with each other to reinforce the material, and become more at ease with the testing, so that eventually your conversations with the body-consciousness will feel very natural and spontaneous.


As a member of the class you will be invited to attend the Kindred Spirits Group meetings, an on-going community of people who have been trained in and/or have practiced Bioenergy Balancing professionally. During our meetings we share clinical experiences and discoveries, support one another's growth as practitioners, discuss events and topics of interest, participate in group healing experiences, share wonderful food and laughter, and create a loving and supportive atmosphere as friends, healers and metaphysicians.  Retreat weekends are also held periodically to facilitate these same kinds of nourishing community experiences.

Some Things to Consider about Taking this Training

Students who undertake this training need to bring with them a natural gift for receptive listening and sensitive counseling.  Although vibrational healing is not “therapy” and this class doesn’t teach therapy, counseling skills will be discussed, demonstrated, and practiced.

Your effectiveness as a practitioner—whatever your technical expertise may be—depends upon your ability to tune in to others and to facilitate solutions in a way that is empowering to them.  You must have the stability to stay present without feeling threatened when your clients experience intense emotional distress.  You must be verbally articulate and skillful enough to guide them toward self-discovery without intruding, or telling your own story, or judging or minimizing their experience. The more familiar you are with these concepts and the more inner work you have done, the more effective you can be when you need to assist with complicated and confusing issues that others present to you.

You are advised not to take this training if you are stressed out, over-extended, physically ill or emotionally troubled. We also ask that you not take this class in order to use it as a way to work on your own physical or emotional needs. You will be more of an asset to the class if you feel secure within yourself, have the time to study and read additional material to share and discuss, and are able to reach out lovingly to others.
It is to be expected that personal issues and health problems will arise. If you feel fragile and you have troubling issues, keep in mind that the other students are amateurs, and during lab sessions they may address your concerns ineptly. You might feel threatened or frustrated. In that case you can decide to work privately with the BBC staff, concurrently with the class. The lab is a time for practice, for learning to speak clearly to the body-consciousness, and to link the lecture material with the vibrational requirements of the physical body.

In order to gain additional experience, we encourage students to form practice groups and work with each other outside of class. Sharing with family, close friends and fellow students is a helpful reinforcement.  Please do not work with people that you do not know until you have your professional certificate.

Costs Involved

The registration fee of $150 is non-refundable.

• There are five units. Tuition Per Unit, (10 classes in each unit): $800

A $75 discount with be given for early registration. To qualify for early registration, full payment for the unit must be received two weeks before the first class of the unit. An additional $25 discount will be given to those paying by check or cash.

•  Materials (first year only):   $775 includes:  

•  Two-volume textbook (about 1200 pages, written and illustrated by Priscilla Kapel)

•  Color prints, 4x6, of more than 400 charts and posters used in class

•  Audio recordings of all lectures and intuition class

To Become Certified as a Practitioner

If you decide to become a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner, you will need to take the class twice. During the first year, the material is designed to provide an overview of the physical and energetic systems of the body, their interplay, and how to create positive change within these systems, using one's knowledge, intuition, and experience.  

The second year develops proficiency and deepens your understanding of the material. During the second year, things fall into place.You will integrate the knowledge and refine clinical aspects.

Practitioner candidates must complete the open-book/take-home exams (one per unit) and pass the qualifying exam given by the Bioenergy Examining Board.This exam consists of a verbal section as well as a practicum to evaluate your knowledge, hands-on skills and client rapport.  

The qualifying exam is given after the two-year course is completed. Practitioner candidates go through this process together. Test materials are provided in advance so that you will know ahead of time what you might be asked. The exam process is designed to be non-threatening. It is intended to review your skills and knowledge both technically and clinically, in a friendly and supportive exchange with the examining board.

Upon fulfilling these requirements, you will receive a certificate authorizing you to practice Bioenergy Balancing as a professional health practitioner. Certified practitioners may use the Bioenergy Balancing name and logo, as long as their practice falls within the guidelines that we have agreed upon.

Class size is limited. To secure your place, register soon.

To enroll in the class, please contact any of the teachers: Mary Ann at 415-924-6516, or Priscilla at 650-327-8333, or Antonia at 415-662-256, or Valerie at 925-253-1739, or Heather at 925-371-1931. A non-refundable deposit of $150 reserves your place in the class. 

Upon request, you will receive a packet of materials that include an application form, the class schedule calendar, and other pertinent information. If this feels like the right thing for you, and it's a good fit for the group, you will be most warmly welcomed!


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